How to Guarantee Amazing Music At Your Wedding

How to Guarantee Amazing Music At Your Wedding

Last month, a soon-to-be client called stating that she knew she wanted live music at her wedding ceremony. The problem though was that she didn't know specifically what type of ensemble to hire. We often speak with brides who are finding themselves in the same position. We get it. There are certainly many options out there. 

To help sort it all out if you find yourself wondering whether you should hire a string quartet or just take the church pianist, here are 5 reasons why we believe the strings win every time:

1.  FULL SPECTRUM OF SOUND. A string quartet provides the depth of a symphony with the intimacy of a personal conversation. Two violins provide the upper voices, one viola provides the middle, and one cello gives the bass, covering the full spectrum sound, all within a pocket-sized ensemble. You may need to settle for a thinner sound with another ensemble. 

2. MUSICAL VERSATILITY. Of course we have all heard the string music of Bach and Mozart whether on the radio or in a movie, but have you ever heard strings in the background of Coldplay's Viva la Vida? It's there-- take a listen. 

Sure, any instrument can play any music, but a string quartet shows this versatility of going from classical to modern in a very natural way-- and that's why actual modern-day groups use them! This opens the door to a whole new world of music selections that can be played at your wedding beautifully, adding class and elegance (and not awkwardness!) .

3. UNOBTRUSIVE. It's your big day, so it's important to have a music ensemble that can be set off to the side, yet still provide the fullness of sound that enraptures everyone in the space. A string quartet accomplishes just this. As stated above, a quartet is a pocket-sized ensemble, but is comprised of instruments tuned for massive sound generation when it's needed most.  

4. HISTORY IS CLASSY. Think about the shabby-chic place settings or worn-barn theme at your cousin's wedding last summer. Why did they choose to incorporate these things? It's because folks like old.

When it comes to music, whether choosing Telemann or Taylor Swift to be played at your wedding, you are tapping in to history by having a set of hand-crafted, wooden antiques do the work. Through this, you and your guests will be experiencing something that people enjoyed together hundreds of years ago- chamber music played by four voices- and that is pretty cool!

5. UNFAMILIAR FAMILIARITY. Some of the most common remarks we get after an event is "Wow, I've never heard a string quartet in person before!" Or, "I didn't know that a string quartet could play so many styles of music!" Most people have heard string quartet music whether on the radio, in a  movie, or elsewhere, but have never heard it played live. The sense of familiarity when the first note is played by a quartet at a wedding brings a sense of comfort to the listeners, while the novelty of having a first-time or infrequent experience of hearing the music live makes your wedding that much more memorable. 

Do you have anything you'd like to add to the list? Have any questions? Let us know--- we'd love to hear from you!