3 Reasons Why The Music Flopped At Your Sister's Wedding

After playing hundreds of weddings over the past 15 years, we've discovered what makes the difference between a wedding that turns out just alright and an event that leaves everyone in attendance speechless afterwards.

From the venue to decorations to whether or not you're going to take your uncle up on his offer to DJ the reception, there are many points in play here,  so we will just stick to our expertise: the live music.  

Photo by kokalphotography.com

Photo by kokalphotography.com

So without further adieu, here are 3 Reasons Why The Music Flopped At Your Sister's Wedding.

1. She tried to pack too much music in. Next time you attend a wedding, pay attention to the flow of the ceremony. More specifically, keep tabs on how many different pieces are played during the wedding's Processional. Many times, folks will request one song be played for the grandparents, another for the parents, another for the wedding party, another for the ring bearer.... you get the picture. By the time the Bride walks down the aisle, seven selections have been played all within a three minute time span. The frequent starting and stopping really disrupts the flow. 

2. She didn't have Prelude/Postlude music. Having live music while the Bride walks down the aisle is certainly the high-point of many peoples' weddings. What some forget, though, is that having your hired ensemble play in the background before the ceremony begins and after it ends is a touch their guests won't forget. 

When you hire a professional ensemble, the Prelude and Postlude are great slots for them to play pieces that otherwise would not be performed during the wedding ceremony itself. These may include selections you like but didn't have time to fit in, or movements from major works that sit well as background music but may not fit during an actual ceremony. 

3. She hired the discount ensemble. Your guests may not realize if you decide to save some cash by opting for the non-organic chicken at dinner, however it will be very apparent if you hire the cheapest music ensemble, based simply on their price.

We have come to see that folks at weddings, both guests and those being wed, usually remember top-quality musicians and always remember half-rate musicians. From playing together and in tune to having the ability to flex-and-flow with unforseen situations (read: the flower girls get distracted walking down the aisle), you will be thankful when you hire musicians based on experience. Remember, the musicians you hire will be creating tangible memories for generations to come.

In Summary:

There are many things to keep in mind when planning the music for your wedding, and our experience advises you keep the above three tips at the top of your list. If you keep it simple to maximize the flow, have some great background music before and after the ceremony, and hire folks who can get the job done right the first time (because there's only one shot!), then you will be very pleased, we are sure!