3 Tips To Avoid Armageddon At Your Wedding

Ever worry about your wedding going up in flames? Implement our points of wisdom, below, to ensure that doesn't happen!

1. Hire people who know what they're doing. Sounds easy, right? In our opinion, you can't judge a book by its cover--- or a vendor by their website. Take the time to talk with prospective vendors to get to know the quality and value that they'll bring to your wedding. Most importantly, ask for some examples of how they've handled last-minute changes or have adapted to unforseen circumstances.  You'll quickly be able to see how much of a professional they are... or aren't.

2. Have a contact person. Whether it's a hired wedding planner or your super-organized volunteer Aunt, having someone to provide day-of support for logistics is always a plus. Even if something small happens, you don't want to be the one to have to think about it. 

3. Prioritize what's important to you... and focus on those things! Are you a foodie? Have great food. Do you fill your home with eclectic art? Incorporate those themes. However it happens, a wedding that reflects you and your personality stands out further than anything else, by far. If you incorporate the themes you love, you will be happy.